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What is a filling and sealing combination machine?

Filling and sealing combined machine is suitable for filling and sealing of cans containing steam in the can beverage (beer) industry. The filling and sealing are integrally designed, using the principle of isobaric filling. On the support, the compressed air enters the tank lifting cylinder through the pneumatic triple piece, and the empty tank is lifted and sealed with the conical gasket under the filling valve. The indexing block of the filling valve is indexed and opened under the action of another cylinder. The valve is inflated to the empty tank and forms an equal pressure. The beer flows from the large material tank to the empty tank through 14 small pipes. When the liquid level in the empty tank rises to the point where the return port is blocked, the filling is stopped. The foam discharge valve begins to slowly deflate and release the pressure under the action of the bump, and the cylinder of the tank continues to descend. After the tank is discharged, it is sent to the sealing machine by the synchronously running hook chain for sealing. When sealing, the sealing wheel is pre-sealed and then sealed. , after the jar is sealed, it is pushed out by the head of the capping mechanism, and then transferred to the conveyor belt by the dial to be sent out.
   The filling and sealing combined machine adopts PLC, frequency converter and man-machine interface control system. It has advanced control technology such as frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic filling with cans, and no filling without cans. Through various sensors on the equipment, the accurate production speed and production quantity can be displayed on the touch screen. The production speed can be set on the touch screen according to user requirements. The whole machine has various protections for the main motor and other electrical appliances, such as overload, overvoltage, etc. At the same time, the corresponding various faults will be automatically displayed on the touch screen, which is convenient for users to find the cause of the fault. The main electrical components of this machine adopt international well-known brands, and brands can also be formulated according to customer requirements.
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