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XWPX400 Easy-opening cans empty cans washer

Product overview

Spray tank washer is an automatic spray sterilizer for the inner and outer surfaces of easy-to-pull cans. All materials are stainless steel.

When flushing the tank, the tank is first turned into the tank washer, then sprayed by a porous warm water pipe below the side. The tank then rotates 0.5 meters to achieve the purpose of cleaning, and then the tank roller slides into the next conveyor chain. Pay attention to the tank in the slideway do not interrupt, in order to prevent irrigation speed fast water control is not clean.

Functional characteristics

Main Technical Parameters

Model XWXD400
Production capacity 0~400 cans/min
Use scope For each tank type customization
Weight 150kg
Dimension 4000×500×2300mm

XWPX400 Easy-opening cans empty cans washer

Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing


Years Of Experience

Zhejiang Newway Food Machinery Co., Ltd is Custom XWPX400 Easy-opening cans empty cans washer manufacturers and OEM XWPX400 Easy-opening cans empty cans washers suppliers, The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of beverages, canning machines and sealing machines packed with tinplate, aluminium, plastic and paper materials, as well as related products. Undertake the whole production line of easy-to-open beverage (including steam, nonsteam), sauce filling and sealing production line, Babao porridge canning, food, fruit and vegetable canning production line, etc. The company fully uses CAD and CAM to design products. It is in a leading position in the field of filling and sealing equipment for canned food and beverage in China. The company specializes in the production of high-speed canning filling and sealing units and production lines, which make due contributions to the localization of similar imported equipment, reduce investment costs in the food and beverage industry, improve labor productivity of enterprises, and promote the rapid development and growth of the industry. The company relies on strong technical force and effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy and quality service, Favourable manufacturing technology, excellence in product quality and good reputation, to serve the vast number of new and old customers, and wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit and patronize.
  • 2019

    Established in

  • 6,000m2

    plant area

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Focus on the field of canned packaging and serve the domestic food industry.

Newway aims to be the partner of choice for its customers, providing more efficient food packaging solutions, high technology, expertise, flexibility and fast service.

  • Pragmatic

    People-oriented, customer-oriented, realistic, down-to-earth. In the market competition to seek the appropriate path of enterprise development and project development, to create value with products and services, to enhance the company's market competitiveness.

  • Innovation

    The society is developing day by day, and we are brave to stand on the tide and dare to be the first. Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, and only through innovation can we maintain the vitality of the enterprise.

  • Cooperation

    Standardize management, operate in good faith, follow the law and give back to the society. Establish a sound corporate governance structure, operation mechanism and business process, uphold the spirit of professionalism and dedication, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of a corporate citizen and win the affirmation of the market.

  • Our goal

    Our ambition is ambitious, our goal is clear and never-ending. Our goal is the spiritual driving force for our company to win competitiveness.

Company Certificate

Continuously strengthen the research and development and innovation of core technologies, keep improving, and ensure the excellent performance of each product with Favourable production equipment, strict quality management, and precise testing procedures.

Plant Equipment

As OEM XWPX400 Easy-opening cans empty cans washer manufacturers, the company has many of cutting-edge automated
production lines in China.

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Industry Introduction

How to maintain Easy-opening cans empty cans washer
Here are some general tips for maintaining easy-opening cans and an empty cans washer:
Clean the cans before opening: Make sure the cans are free from dirt and debris before opening them to prevent any contamination.
Use a can opener designed for easy-opening cans: Use a can opener that is specifically designed to open easy-opening cans to avoid damaging the can and causing leaks.
Clean the empty cans washer regularly: Regularly clean the empty cans washer to prevent buildup of debris or bacteria that could contaminate the cans.
Use appropriate cleaning agents: Use appropriate cleaning agents for the empty cans washer to ensure that it is properly cleaned and disinfected.
Inspect the cans for damage: Before filling the cans, inspect them for any damage that could compromise the seal or safety of the product.
Store the cans properly: Store the cans in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture to prevent spoilage.
Follow manufacturer's instructions: Follow the manufacturer's instructions for using and maintaining the easy-opening cans and empty cans washer.
The advantages of Easy-opening cans empty cans washer
The advantages of easy-opening cans are that they are more convenient to use, especially for people with disabilities or hand mobility issues. They also reduce the risk of injury from using traditional can openers.
The advantages of an empty can washer are that it can improve hygiene and safety in food processing facilities by removing any leftover food residue from cans before they are recycled. This can prevent the growth of bacteria and the spread of disease. Additionally, washing and recycling empty cans can be more environmentally friendly than disposing of them in landfills.
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