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XWZXJ Automatic packing machine

Our company has been producing and manufacturing food machinery products for many years, the main products are: chain conveyor, belt conveyor, mesh belt conveyor, elevator, spray cooling, sterilization equipment, bottle washing machine, air dryer, can sealing machine, cage loading and unloading equipment, palletizing and depalletizing machine, semi-automatic carton boxing machine, case sealing machine, etc. This automatic cartoning machine is a highly integrated and fully automatic equipment, integrating three functions of carton opening machine, carton packing machine and carton sealing machine, which can automatically complete carton opening, can packing, tape sealing and other actions, improving the efficiency of cartoning and reducing the labor intensity of workers. And according to the needs of customers to choose 16 cans / box, 20 cans / box or 24 cans / box work mode, to achieve the diversified needs of users packing, better reflect the characteristics of the equipment fully automatic, multi-functional. This equipment adopts vacuum suction cup pull-down type to open the box, side push type to box, both sides of the side seal type to seal the box, compact and reasonable structure layout, stable and efficient work. The equipment is equipped with PLC programmable controller and display screen, which is more intuitive and convenient to operate.

Functional characteristics

Equipment composition material.



Inlet box drive system

Servo motor, pitch shift, CNC positioning control, signal detection.

Inlet tank drive system

Speed reducing motor, frequency conversion speed control.

Electrical control system

Programmable controller (PLC) centralized control, touch screen operation.

Pneumatic control system

Pneumatic cylinder and solenoid valve, PLC centralized control.

Into the tank to separate the way

Isometric disaggregation plate, tank in place, missing tank, full tank signal detection

Open box molding method

Signal detection, cylinder action, vacuum suction, mechanical limit opening.

Into the box way

Pitch shift, box page folding.

Into the box action mode

Guiding and cylinder pushing.

Front box page folding method

Complete box entry, pitch shift, front box page folding

Sealing method

Adhesive tape bonding, bilateral tape gluer sealing during pitch shift.

Operation method

Start button or touch screen touch button start.

Body Material

Stainless steel 304 (supplemented with aluminum parts)

PLC, inverter, human-machine interface, and other electrical components are adopted from domestic famous brands.

Main Technical Parameters

Use voltage

AC220V 50Hz

Whole machine power

3.5K W

Use of air pressure


Gas consumption


Packing capacity

12~15 boxes minutes ≥720 pieces/hour

Applicable bottle type

Φ50~100mm(Made to sample)

Applicable bottle height

H50~150mm(Made to sample)

Package specification


Overall machine size (including non-powered roller belt)

L74580mm  W2800mm  H1600mm

XWZXJ Automatic packing machine

Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing


Years Of Experience

Zhejiang Newway Food Machinery Co., Ltd is Custom XWZXJ Automatic packing machine manufacturers and OEM XWZXJ Automatic packing machines suppliers, The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of beverages, canning machines and sealing machines packed with tinplate, aluminium, plastic and paper materials, as well as related products. Undertake the whole production line of easy-to-open beverage (including steam, nonsteam), sauce filling and sealing production line, Babao porridge canning, food, fruit and vegetable canning production line, etc. The company fully uses CAD and CAM to design products. It is in a leading position in the field of filling and sealing equipment for canned food and beverage in China. The company specializes in the production of high-speed canning filling and sealing units and production lines, which make due contributions to the localization of similar imported equipment, reduce investment costs in the food and beverage industry, improve labor productivity of enterprises, and promote the rapid development and growth of the industry. The company relies on strong technical force and effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy and quality service, Favourable manufacturing technology, excellence in product quality and good reputation, to serve the vast number of new and old customers, and wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit and patronize.
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Focus on the field of canned packaging and serve the domestic food industry.

Newway aims to be the partner of choice for its customers, providing more efficient food packaging solutions, high technology, expertise, flexibility and fast service.

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    People-oriented, customer-oriented, realistic, down-to-earth. In the market competition to seek the appropriate path of enterprise development and project development, to create value with products and services, to enhance the company's market competitiveness.

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    The society is developing day by day, and we are brave to stand on the tide and dare to be the first. Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, and only through innovation can we maintain the vitality of the enterprise.

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    Standardize management, operate in good faith, follow the law and give back to the society. Establish a sound corporate governance structure, operation mechanism and business process, uphold the spirit of professionalism and dedication, and earnestly fulfill the social responsibility of a corporate citizen and win the affirmation of the market.

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    Our ambition is ambitious, our goal is clear and never-ending. Our goal is the spiritual driving force for our company to win competitiveness.

Company Certificate

Continuously strengthen the research and development and innovation of core technologies, keep improving, and ensure the excellent performance of each product with Favourable production equipment, strict quality management, and precise testing procedures.

Plant Equipment

As OEM XWZXJ Automatic packing machine manufacturers, the company has many of cutting-edge automated
production lines in China.

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Industry Introduction

How to maintain Automatic packing machine
Here are some general tips for maintaining automatic packing machines:
Regular cleaning: Clean the machine regularly, especially after use. Remove any residue or debris from the machine and make sure all parts are free from dust and dirt.
Lubrication: Lubricate the moving parts of the machine regularly to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. Use the recommended lubricant for each part and follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Inspection: Regularly inspect the machine for any signs of damage, wear or malfunction. Check for loose bolts, worn parts, or any leaks or cracks.
Replacement of worn parts: Replace any worn or damaged parts immediately to prevent further damage to the machine.
Calibration: Calibrate the machine regularly to ensure it is operating correctly and producing accurate results.
Operator training: Train the operators on the proper use and maintenance of the machine. Ensure that they follow the manufacturer's instructions for use and maintenance.
Preventative maintenance: Perform preventative maintenance on the machine to keep it running at its best. This may include tasks such as replacing filters or performing system checks.
By following these tips, you can help ensure that your automatic packing machine operates at peak performance, which can increase its lifespan and reduce downtime.
The advantages of Automatic packing machine
The advantages of an automatic packing machine include:
Increased efficiency and productivity: An automatic packing machine can pack products at a faster rate than manual labor, leading to higher productivity and throughput.
Consistency and accuracy: Automatic packing machines can ensure consistency in packaging and accuracy in measuring and filling, reducing errors and minimizing waste.
Cost-effective: Although an automatic packing machine may have a higher upfront cost, it can ultimately be more cost-effective due to increased productivity, reduced labor costs, and decreased waste.
Improved safety: Automatic packing machines can be designed with safety features, such as sensors that detect blockages or jams, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.
Flexibility: Automatic packing machines can be programmed to handle various types of products and packaging materials, allowing for flexibility in production.
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