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  • XWKGJ(18A、32A、42A) Granular Tanker
  • XWKGJ(18A、32A、42A) Granular Tanker

XWKGJ(18A、32A、42A) Granular Tanker

This machine is specially designed for quantitative filling of mixture material on the basis of digestion and absorption of similar equipment at home and abroad. It is suitable for filling with small filling volume. It adopts the form of telescopic quantitative filling. Its volume can be adjusted accurately. It can be filled without filling or without filling. It can be controlled by PLC. Its production capacity is variable frequency speed regulation and touch screen operation. This machine is especially suitable for solid filling in Babao porridge production enterprises.

Functional characteristics

Main Technical Parameters

The number of filling head 18 32 42
Can Diameter 50~160mm 50~160mm 50~160mm
Can Height 52~99mm 52~99mm 52~99mm
Production capacity 80~250c/m 80~500c/m 80~600c/m
Power 2.2kw 3kw 3kw
Weight 1400kg 1500kg 2000kg
Dimension 2000×1800×2000mm 2440×2000×2000mm 2400×2000×2000mm

XWKGJ(18A、32A、42A) Granular Tanker

Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing


Years Of Experience

Zhejiang Newway Food Machinery Co., Ltd is Custom granular filling machine manufacturers and OEM granular filling machine suppliers, The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of beverages, canning machines and sealing machines packed with tinplate, aluminium, plastic and paper materials, as well as related products. Undertake the whole production line of easy-to-open beverage (including steam, nonsteam), sauce filling and sealing production line, Babao porridge canning, food, fruit and vegetable canning production line, etc. The company fully uses CAD and CAM to design products. It is in a leading position in the field of filling and sealing equipment for canned food and beverage in China. The company specializes in the production of high-speed canning filling and sealing units and production lines, which make due contributions to the localization of similar imported equipment, reduce investment costs in the food and beverage industry, improve labor productivity of enterprises, and promote the rapid development and growth of the industry. The company relies on strong technical force and effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy and quality service, Favourable manufacturing technology, excellence in product quality and good reputation, to serve the vast number of new and old customers, and wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit and patronize.
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Focus on the field of canned packaging and serve the domestic food industry.

Newway aims to be the partner of choice for its customers, providing more efficient food packaging solutions, high technology, expertise, flexibility and fast service.

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    The society is developing day by day, and we are brave to stand on the tide and dare to be the first. Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, and only through innovation can we maintain the vitality of the enterprise.

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Company Certificate

Continuously strengthen the research and development and innovation of core technologies, keep improving, and ensure the excellent performance of each product with Favourable production equipment, strict quality management, and precise testing procedures.

Plant Equipment

As OEM granular filling machine manufacturers, the company has many of cutting-edge automated
production lines in China.

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Industry Introduction

How to maintain Granular Filling Machine
A granular filling machine is a type of equipment used for packaging granular or particulate products, such as rice, seeds, nuts, and spices, into containers or bags. It typically consists of a hopper, a metering device, and a filling nozzle or spout that dispenses the granules into the packaging. These machines can be automated and adjusted to accommodate different product volumes, weights, and container sizes.
Here are some general tips for maintaining a granular filling machine:
Regular Cleaning: Keep the machine clean by wiping it down with a dry or damp cloth after use. This helps to prevent build-up of dust, dirt, and other debris which can cause damage or contamination.
Lubrication: Regularly lubricate the moving parts of the machine with oil or grease to ensure they operate smoothly.
Inspection: Regularly inspect the machine for signs of wear and damage, such as cracks, corrosion, or broken parts. Replace any worn or damaged parts promptly.
Calibration: Check and calibrate the machine periodically to ensure that it is dispensing the correct amount of granular product. Use a scale to verify the weight of the product dispensed by the machine.
Operator Training: Train the machine operators to follow the manufacturer's instructions, including how to clean, lubricate, inspect, and calibrate the machine.
Preventive Maintenance: Follow the manufacturer's recommended schedule for preventive maintenance, which may include replacing belts, bearings, or other parts, or checking the electrical wiring and connections.
Documentation: Keep a record of maintenance activities and any issues encountered, including the date, the person who performed the maintenance, and any parts replaced. This helps to identify trends and potential issues before they become bigger problems.
The advantages of Granular Filling Machine
A granular filling machine offers several advantages, including:
Accuracy and precision: These machines are designed to measure and fill precise amounts of granular products, ensuring consistent and accurate results.
Efficiency: Granular filling machines can fill large quantities of products quickly and efficiently, reducing labor costs and increasing production speed.
Versatility: Granular filling machines can be used for a wide range of granular products, including food items, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
Reduced product waste: By accurately measuring and filling products, granular filling machines can minimize waste and reduce production costs.
Improved safety: These machines can reduce the risk of employee injuries, as they automate the filling process and minimize manual labor.
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