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XWNY-600 Internal Pressure Detect Machine

The detection system adopts Siemens PLC and high-precision dynamic tracking sensor. The sensor can detect small pressure change data, and give timely judgment results through PLC calculation and comparison, and realize real-time monitoring of each tested product that passes. The detection accuracy of this equipment is more than 10 times higher than that of traditional surface detection methods.

Functional characteristics

The internal pressure detector is a real-time monitoring of the internal pressure of cans and PET bottles after filling with liquid nitrogen or filling with steam, as well as other pressure detection after filling with steam. It can quickly detect and reject unqualified products and provide sound and light alarms. Users can monitor whether the front-end equipment is running normally at any time, and prevent unqualified products from flowing to the market and cause adverse effects. When continuous unqualified products are rejected, they can be promptly detected and warned that the front-end equipment appears. If necessary, it can be set to automatically stop the function of the front-end equipment to reduce the loss and expansion. In addition, with this detector, it is more convenient for users to debug the filling amount of the liquid nitrogen machine, and it is possible to judge whether the internal pressure is up to the standard without destroying the tank body.

Working conditions:
1. Compressed air: used to supply the work of the reject cylinder. An 8mm diameter trachea is required, and the pressure range is 4-6 kg.
After real-time detection of the internal pressure of the bottle, and other pressure detection after filling with steam. It can quickly detect and reject unqualified products and provide sound and light alarms. Users can monitor whether the front-end equipment is running normally at any time, so as to prevent unqualified products from flowing into the market and cause adverse effects. When continuous unqualified products are rejected, they can promptly detect and warn of problems with the front-end equipment. If necessary, you can set the function of automatically stopping the front-end equipment to reduce the expansion loss.

2. Design basis
In the packaging process of canned beverages, due to the influence of the stability of production equipment and the operation level of personnel, there are different packaging quality defects in each packaging link of the production line, which will lead to the production of various unqualified products, thereby affecting product quality. Specifically include the following:

Serial number Quality defects There is a risk illustrate
1 The cover is not tight Material leakage capping machine problem
2 broken lid Material leakage lid problem

At present, most production enterprises use manual visual inspection to control the above risks, but manual inspection has great limitations, which are manifested in the following drawbacks:

Serial number

There are disadvantages



Fatigue easily, resulting in unstable detection accuracy



Affected by line speed


Low precision and large uncertainties in human inspection


Gradually increasing labor costs

It can be seen from the above that it is difficult to achieve an ideal detection effect for various quality defects existing in the production line by using the traditional manual detection method, and it is impossible to effectively control the production risk.

Main Technical Parameters

Rated input voltage:

220VAC-50Hz +/-10%

Current: 〈=5A

Relative humidity 0%-100%

Noise: Continuous noise <=78dB (A)
Working altitude: Can work at an altitude of 6050 meters Total Weight:


Ability: Speed 600 cans per minute Applicable pressure range for detection:


Static detection accuracy:




Dynamic accuracy better than 0.05bar The missed kick rate is less than 0.01%
Sensor accuracy better than 0.01bar

XWNY-600 Internal Pressure Detect Machine

Marvelous Design Meets Rigorous Manufacturing


Years Of Experience

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Continuously strengthen the research and development and innovation of core technologies, keep improving, and ensure the excellent performance of each product with Favourable production equipment, strict quality management, and precise testing procedures.

Plant Equipment

As OEM XWNY-600 Internal Pressure Detect Machine manufacturers, the company has many of cutting-edge automated
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Industry Introduction

How to maintain  Internal Pressure Detect Machine
To maintain an internal pressure detection machine, you should follow these steps:
Regularly inspect the machine's components, including the sensors, gauges, and connectors, to ensure they are clean and free of damage.
Calibrate the machine at regular intervals to ensure accurate pressure readings.
Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule for replacing worn or damaged parts.
Keep the machine's software up-to-date with the latest updates and patches.
Train personnel on proper operation and handling of the machine.
Store the machine in a clean, dry location when not in use.
Keep a log of all maintenance activities and inspections, including any repairs or replacement parts.
In case of any malfunction, contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician to diagnose and repair the issue.
The advantages of Internal Pressure Detect Machine
An Internal Pressure Detect Machine can have several advantages, including:
Increased safety: The machine can detect changes in internal pressure, which can be an early warning sign of potential equipment failure. This can help prevent accidents and improve workplace safety.
Improved quality control: By monitoring internal pressure, the machine can help ensure that products are manufactured to consistent standards and meet quality requirements.
Reduced downtime: Early detection of pressure changes can help prevent equipment failure and minimize unplanned downtime, saving time and money.
Increased efficiency: The machine can provide real-time data on internal pressure, allowing operators to make adjustments as needed to optimize production processes and improve efficiency.
Cost savings: By detecting potential problems early, the machine can help prevent costly equipment repairs or replacement, leading to long-term cost savings.
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