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  • XW12-4Q/XW20-4Q/XW24-6Q/XW32-6Q Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage
  • XW12-4Q/XW20-4Q/XW24-6Q/XW32-6Q Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage
  • XW12-4Q/XW20-4Q/XW24-6Q/XW32-6Q Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage

XW12-4Q/XW20-4Q/XW24-6Q/XW32-6Q Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage

This machine is suitable for filling and sealing of gas-containing beverages under equal pressure in beer and beverage industry. It has the characteristics of fast filling and sealing speed, consistency of liquid level in the tank to the mouth after filling,smooth operation of the whole machine, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance, easy maintenance, touch screen operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, etc. It is the most ideal filling and sealing equipment for beverages and breweries.

Functional characteristics

This machine adopts PLC, frequency converter and man-machine interface control system. It has control technology such as frequency conversion and speed regulation, automatic filling with cans, no cans and no filling. Through various sensors on the device, the accurate production speed and quantity can be displayed on the touch screen. The production speed can be set on the touch screen according to the user is requirements. The whole machine has various protections of main motor and other electrical appliances, such as overload, overvoltage, etc. At the same time, the corresponding faults will be automatically displayed on the touch screen to facilitate users to find out the causes of the faults. The main electrical components of this machine adopt internationally renowned brands, and can also be formulated according to customer requirements.
The whole machine is made of stainless steel plate and frame, which has good waterproof and rust-proof functions.

Main Technical Parameters






The number of sealing head





The number of filling head





Production capacity





Can Diameter





Can Height




















XW12-4Q/XW20-4Q/XW24-6Q/XW32-6Q Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage

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Zhejiang Newway Food Machinery Co., Ltd is Custom easy open can beer filling and sealing machine manufacturers and OEM carbonated drink filling and sealing machine suppliers, The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of beverages, canning machines and sealing machines packed with tinplate, aluminium, plastic and paper materials, as well as related products. Undertake the whole production line of easy-to-open beverage (including steam, nonsteam), sauce filling and sealing production line, Babao porridge canning, food, fruit and vegetable canning production line, etc. The company fully uses CAD and CAM to design products. It is in a leading position in the field of filling and sealing equipment for canned food and beverage in China. The company specializes in the production of high-speed canning filling and sealing units and production lines, which make due contributions to the localization of similar imported equipment, reduce investment costs in the food and beverage industry, improve labor productivity of enterprises, and promote the rapid development and growth of the industry. The company relies on strong technical force and effective technical guarantee, flexible business philosophy and quality service, Favourable manufacturing technology, excellence in product quality and good reputation, to serve the vast number of new and old customers, and wholeheartedly welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit and patronize.
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Focus on the field of canned packaging and serve the domestic food industry.

Newway aims to be the partner of choice for its customers, providing more efficient food packaging solutions, high technology, expertise, flexibility and fast service.

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Continuously strengthen the research and development and innovation of core technologies, keep improving, and ensure the excellent performance of each product with Favourable production equipment, strict quality management, and precise testing procedures.

Plant Equipment

As OEM easy open can beer filling and sealing machine manufacturers, the company has many of cutting-edge automated
production lines in China.

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Industry Introduction

How to maintain Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage
The combination machine used beer gas beverage is the most product in our company. It is able to ensure that the filling of beer beverage and sealing closing terms are perfectly consistent, it enables the capsule to form no residual air, no leaking and so on. The equipment is used for filling beverages and sealing caps on the PET bottles or empty capsules. It needs mechanical protection as well as electrical control protection during operation. Therefore, it is very necessary to learn how to maintain this combination machine for filling and sealing beer gaseous beverages
If you’re looking for a machine that can produce both beer and gaseous bev company as a package, we have one here. It also seals automatically, so no need to worry about messes. This one in particular has been tested by our testers and they all agree that it’s a great machine at an affordable price.
The materials used for the machines are stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and plastic. The protective film is used for the electrical parts to protect them from being damaged by water. The screws of the machine should be tight enough so that it does not affect the performance of the machine. The filters of the machine should be cleaned on a regular basis so that it does not affect the quality of the air and also clean before operating it.
1. If the machine is idle, it is better to use the "Auto-off" function to save power. 2. When there are no more materials to be processed; please turn off the gas valve 3. Try not to open the combination machine while it working. 4. Take care of the sealing head shells, if they are damaged, they will cause a problem of sealing quality! 5. Before turning on the electricity supply, please first check whether all cables are right connected; otherwise it will lead to damage of electronic components inside the machine or even fire. 6. If any failure occurs in operation or transportation work, please contact us for service immediately
The advantages of Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage
Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage is a two-in-one machine to fill beer and carbonated beverage with CO2. It has superior performance in filling ability, no leakage, simple operation and durable sealed bag.
Owing to the advantage of combination machine and high integration, which provide the filling and sealing processes in a single machine. The combination machine is widely used in beer package. The continuous operation can assure a high level of quality of beer gaseous beverages owing to the perfect bottling equipment and filter systems, as well as being safe, reliable and durable.
Combination Machine for Filling and Sealing Beer Gaseous Beverage has 2 different inlets one is used for filling another one is used for sealing. This machine runs with single or double station nozzle and can run with control panel to build a complete system. The machine includes glass bottle hopper, lock frame machine, bottom cooler and top cooler.
The combination filling and sealing machine uses the characteristics of the filling valve to select two types of bottles with different sidewall diameters, and the filling-and-sealing cycle is simple, fast, convenient and economical.
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